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Waterboarding Would Be A Welcomed Friend

October 26, 2008

Owie  Well, that was pure torture.  This is going to be short.  Going into the game, I was thinking I would take a night off from the blog and just “enjoy” the game.  So much for that crap.  Besides, in this match up, I feel I have to sack up and at least say something.  Conventional wisdom says the team that played the night before will have good hop in the first period.  So much for that crap!  It’s the first time I’ve seen Jason Smith look bad on the defensive end as the Leafs scored.  That was the sure sign that we were screwed.   

The highlight of the night was Neil beating up Luke Schenn.  Points to the kid for jumping into the fray I guess, but he’s not going to win any spelling bees I suspect. 

Sens lose to a collection of pee wees.  Some will be asking hard questions of this group.  Others will ask stupid questions.  I’ll be documenting those here tomorrow.

In Coach’s Corner, they mentioned Don Cherry’s book, Hockey Stories.  I might actually be interested in reading it if it wasn’t co-written with Al Strachan.  A fan of douche-bag wankers, I am not. 

That’s all I have.  I’m going to enjoy the Flames/Yotes game now.


Because No One Remains Silent

October 25, 2008

The Battle of Ontario resumes tonight.  But I have to say, it has a different feel.  There’s no Tucker, no McCabe, no Domi, no Belak, no Sundin (even though I never outright hated him).  Who is there left on the Leafs we can rally around hating?  Jason Blake is a cheap ass little f*)&, but is that enough?  The man has cancer afterall. 

Here’s hoping a new target presents itself tonight.  Oh, and we damn well better beat these assholes.

Oh, and Brian Elliott has been called up from Bingo; supposedly because Gerber stepped on a baby food jar and pulled a muscle.  He’s the back up tonight and while I’d like to see him play again, I think that would be bad.