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Moving Time

March 12, 2011

I’ve ceased to write in this spot (you may have noticed….or not). But I can be found from time to time over here.


Test Failed

October 31, 2010

The Senators “winning streak” of two games was against Phoenix, which was playing the 2nd night of a back to back and Florida; a glorified AHL team.  Tonight was to be the litmus test for a team thought to be turning it around.  Go back and read the headline…..I’ll wait.  Sure, they were playing against the freak of nature who has owned them over the past 4 years, but a home game, on a Saturday against a division rival; these are the games that test the mettle.  Turns our we’re a bit of aluminum foil.

#$#%^@# Kovalev

Anyone who thinks Kovalev is back because he has 3 goals in the previous two games, hasn’t been watching.  He’s the same lazy putz he’s been the past 12 years.  He just has nicer hands than many other lazy putzes.  I challenge anyone to send me video of Kovalev doing a “hockey stop” in the past 2 years.  That’s a lotta work for him.

Jack Edwards: the Man!  The Moron!!

“He’s fighting like a coal miner” (huh?)

“Chara sends him for an e-ticket ride to Disneyland”  (huh??)

I have nothing more to say….except the whole thing about the fan in MN and Rypien;  wouldja please!  Rypien attacked a fan who was clapping.  NO ONE involved has claimed the fan was chirping; not Rypien, not his teammates, not the Canucks, not the fan or the Wild.  You can say all you want about the Wild putting up glass between the fans and the players in the tunnel, but this was simply a player losing it.  And, even if the fan was giving him the business, there’s no justification for grabbing him.  I’ve seen comparisons (from Ron Maclean, whom I love, generally) about Boogaard beating Kesler and how fans encourage fighting.   Well Ron, Kesler has a job wherein he may be expected to fight and he knows that.  Certainly, he’s not going to be surprised by having to fight in the regular course of his job.  NO ONE shows up to a to a hockey game as a fan and expects to be confronted physically by a player.   Sorry Ron:  you’ve spent too much time with Don Cherry.

Commentary on the Commentator

October 23, 2010

My Senators viewing has become a bit less interesting and it’s not because the team is off to a cold start.

I’m sure Denis Potvin has never heard this before.  In fact, the words may have never been uttered before, but Denis Potvin is no Garry Galley.  Galley has moved on to the  Cee Bee Cee and Hockey Night in Canada.  Potvin has been rescued from South Florida and now resides as the Senators color commentator.  As an old guy, Denis might miss the weather, but I’m sure he won’t miss the hockey and it’s atmosphere in Fort Lauderdale.   As much as it is a given that Potvin knows hockey, the way he imparts his analysis has far less flair and interest for me compared to Galley.  I guess it only makes sense that CBC was able to take Galley away.  He’s just damn good at what he does.

Ok, let’s talk about the cold start.  Panic much, people?  This is pretty far from a crisis.

1.  It’s six games

2.  It’s the East

3.  It’s six games

Just Another Ho-Hummer for the Captain

Alfie gets his 1000th point in style with a hat trick.  Congrats to a classy guy.  And then another example of what I don’t like about Potvin.   “he’s one of us; Alfredsson has 1000 points”.  Sorry Denis, it’ s not about you tonight.

Kuba Gives Sens a Break

September 20, 2010

Yep, I wrote that headline.  Now I’m just as clever as the guys at the Ottawa Sun.

Kuba breaking his leg is good for the Senators.   It gives them an opportunity to see if the young guys can get the job done with enough of the season remaining to recover in case they cannot.  My hopes is that one or two of the young guys can step up and make Kuba expendable….which is not a big stretch of the imagination because he’s been pretty much that his entire career.

If Cowen or Weircioch (or even Brian Lee, for chrissakes) can get the job done, the door cannot hit Kuba on the ass fast enough for me.

Random Thoughts

February 13, 2010

[Ok, so it’s just a copy and paste of an email I sent to the OBC.]

I think we all wanted Cheechoo to succeed, but none thought he would.  I’m pretty sure Cheechoo has played his last game for the Senators.  He’ll either be buried in the minors for the rest of this year and next or he’ll be bought out prior to next season.  Good guy, hard worker, slowest skater I’ve seen since Phil Esposito.

I think if Kovalev was taken out of the lineup today, the team would not miss him at all.  It’s not like our PP can get much worse and at 5 on 5, he’s just such a floater that he hurts the team and in my estimation, the chemistry (although I have no proof of that whatsoever).  If I was Mike Fisher, I would have taken a poke at Kovy a long time ago.  He’s out there busting ass every shift and Kovalev lazys about.  I’ve made a habit of noting their interactions on the bench.  I almost never see Fisher and Kovalev talking on the bench and most times, Fisher won’t even look at him.

Shean Donovan
Here’s what I don’t like about Shean Don.  He’s 6’3″, 220 pounds and he plays on the fourth line….yet you rarely see him hit anyone, which is exactly what 6’3″, 220 pound fourth liners are supposed to do.  He had one playoff round that he played a physical game and I was happy to see it and I think I even wrote after the season that if he were to keep that up in the regular season, that he’s a valuable player.  Alas, I don’t find him to be so.

Filip Freakin’ Kuba
I absolutely can’t believe we have 2 more years of Filip Kuba.  There’s no way another team will trade for him and his 3.7 million contract.  Maybe he’ll lose interest in playing and just retire.  That’s the best I can hope for since I can’t wish a career ending injury on anyone (except maybe Darcy Tucker…..and Patrick Kaleta….and maybe Derek Roy).

There are two goaltenders who have come available in recent years that I would have been interested in.  I’ve always been a Niittymaki fan but he’s been injured almost as much as Leclaire.  Tomas Vokoun was traded for draft picks only.  I’m not sure Vokoun would have fit in under the cap in 2007 but sometimes you have to sacrifice offense if you want consistency in net.  In any event, I think the Leclaire experiment needs to run another year.  In addition, if you were to dig back through the archives in this space, you could probably find a post where I endorse Brian Elliott as an option for the long-term.  I think he has the physical skills.  Can he develop the mental toughness to get there.  The jury hasn’t even been seated, let alone weighed-in.

LOVE HIM, but when was the last time paying big money to UFA stay at home defenseman worked out?  Jay McKee?  Mike Commodore?  Adam Foote?  Mike Komisarek?  I’m sure the list of losing deals far outstrips the winners.  $3.2 million is the right number for Volchie and that’s what he’s making now. I don’t see any way he would accept not getting a raise.  He’ll probably get $4 million and screw us.

Matt Cullen
Cullen is a good Minnesota boy; hard working and smart.  But, he’s never been able to fit in anywhere but Carolina.  I’ll be shocked if he were to re-sign with anyone but them.

I’m Almost as Surprised as You Are
The over/under for the Senators year-long points was 83.5.  The betting community was giving them NO chance to be this good.  I happily bet the over on that one.  I KNEW they would be better than that just because of the way they finished the season under Cici.  Still, I gave no team a chance to supplant Boston as the winner of the Northeast…..uhhh….yeah….about that.

Switching Gear….The Wild
I see no way to characterize the Johnsson/Leddy for Barker trade as a win for the Wild.  Barker for Johnsson str8 up would have been a win for Chicago.  Barker’s defensive lapses are going to become legendary in Minnesota…unless Richards ends up benching him.  He’s a poor man’s Zidlicky (and pretty much signals that Zidlicky’s on his way out the door…and I’m fine with that) because he doesn’t skate nearly as well as Zidlicky but has all the same failings and similar gifts. Giving up Leddy in the process is pretty much an admission by Fletcher that his first ever 1st round pick was a mistake.  Therefore, the Wild lose…and lost last June.

Lastly, this is an email I sent to John Buccigross after learning of the death of Brandon Burke, the son of GM, Brian Burke who had recently come out of the closet to his family and later to the world through an article written by John for  You should read it.


With the death of Brandon Burke, I felt particularly compelled to go back and re-read your article about a young man coming out to his ‘truculent’, macho hockey father.

You said you were not trying to make a political statement in the article, but sadly, writing the article is a political statement in and of itself.  You’ve treated the person and the story with dignity that is not offered by others who make the opposite political statement.

I’m probably in the minority of hockey fans.  While I think Brian Burke is entertaining and a good quote, I don’t think he’s a particularly good manager.  But, thank you for confirming what’s I’ve always believed; that he is an admirable man.  I’ve always appreciated his honesty and integrity.

For everything that today’s generation of 20 somethings is, the reaction of Brandon’s Miami of Ohio family tells me that they are also hope for a more inclusive future and that it’s possible that courage, while an admirable quality, will not be a necessary quality to being a gay person in the world of sports.

Rest in peace, Brandon.  Your courage will be remembered by me.

Al Willig